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The Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Act of Malta came into effect on 1st November 2018, providing a legal framework for the secure issuance and secondary trading of digital assets.

Enterprise Blockchain Services Since 2017

The Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Act of Malta came into effect on 1st November 2018, providing a legal framework for the secure issuance and secondary trading of digital assets.

Virtual Finance Ltd was incorporated in Malta to consult on the tokenisation of assets and integration of blockchain technology into modern business models. Client goals range from data management and process automation to innovative crowdfunding with Virtual Financial Assets (VFA’s).


Innovate your business with our bespoke blockchain services


We offer ad hoc consultancy as well as internal reviews and reports for tokenisation or blockchain integration projects.


Clients can engage Virtual Finance for the duration of the project to provide ongoing strategic and business management advice.


We discuss the nuances of your technical, legal or business requirements to draft and design reliable whitepapers, one-pagers and presentations.


Access exclusive dealflow and private equity opportunities in the Virtual Finance Investment Group (VFIG) for qualifying investors.

For 3 years of assisting clients, from fine art and commodities to finance and real estate, it is trust and transparency that have always been our priority.

Blockchain Technology & Digital Asset Services

Blockchain systems are revolutionising the way we store and transfer value. Decentralised networks are able to combat fraud and enhance efficiency by automating digital processes and circumventing the intermediary parties of many commercial transactions. We expect digital assets and distributed ledgers will continue to disrupt global industry for many years to come.
By consulting an international client base of blockchain integration and tokenisation projects, Virtual Finance aims to identify, incubate and accelerate the growth of potentially disruptive technologies. In doing so, we have developed a corporate portfolio of high quality startups and technical solutions.
Virtual Finance Directors have consulted blockchain companies and digital asset offerings since 2017. We bring a wealth of industry experience to your team that is often needed to understand and define the technology, identify the applicable benefits, and mitigate potential risks between different jurisdictions.

Our Tokenisation Process

01. Strategise

We interview management to develop a strategy for the integration of blockchain technology into the Client business model, enabling the tokenisation of revenue streams, mineral commodities, or other assets.

02. Draft

Our consultants draft clear, concise and reliable content including strategic planning documents and marketing collateral that is processed by our team of content writers, UI/UX and graphic designers.

03. Build

We support the implementation of plans by working with management, legal and development teams of the Client as they build the corporate and technical infrastructure required for the project.

04. Launch

Our consultants work throughout an initial offering of digital assets, to advise on business strategy, maintain accurate documentation or take on a management role as the token economy is developed post-launch.


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Blockchain & Tokenisation

European Experience

From the blockchain island of Malta, Virtual Finance has worked with clients in the UK, US, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Lichtenstein, Thailand and more.

Secure Legal Frameworks

Regulatory frameworks have now been established in several European jurisdictions for the secure trade and issuance of digital assets.

Global Partner Networks

Access our global network of technical, business and financial service providers as well as the Virtual Finance Investment Group (VFIG).

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